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Contributor’s Publishing Agreement


Dated between


(1) The ‘Contributor’: [Insert author]


(2) The ‘Publisher’: The Editorial Office of China Scientific Data


The Contributor has submitted an article to the Publisher entitled [insert title of article] (Article DOI: [insert number], Data DOI: [insert number]). In consideration of this agreement the parties agree as follows.  


1. The parties agree the data paper is published in an open access format. The Contributor allows the paper and its pertaining datasets to be accessed and reused according to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). To be specific:

1.1 The article shall be released online by the publishing platform of China Scientific Data (;

1.2 The Contributor shall deposit the supporting datasets/databases in a repository recognized by the Publisher, so that they can be openly and permanently accessible;

1.3 The Contributor retains the copyright of all versions of the article, as well as of its supporting datasets/databases.

2. Acknowledging the term above, the Contributor grants the Publisher the right for original publishing. The Publisher owns the following rights of the article internationally:

2.1 The Contributor hereby grants to the Publisher the right and license to reproduce, disseminate, publish and make available and to further sub-license the Contribution for the full legal term of copyright and any renewals thereof throughout the world in all languages and in all formats, and through any medium of communication now known or later conceived or developed;

2.2 The Publisher, in its sole, absolute discretion, may determine that the Contribution should not be published in the Journal. If in the rare circumstance the decision is made not to publish the Contribution after accepting it for publication, then this agreement shall be of no further force and effect;

2.3 The content of the article is the Contributor’s opinion and by no means represent the stance of the Publisher. The Publisher reserves the right to make necessary modification or removal regarding the content. The Contributor shall be notified of any significant changes made.

3. The Contributor warrants that the Contribution is their original work and is not published or under consideration elsewhere; the Contribution and any Supplementary Material contain no violation of any existing copyright, other third party rights or any libellous or untrue statements and do not infringe any rights of others; the content (including Supplementary Material) abides by China’s law—no political mistake, no military or technological information leaking, no privacy infringement, no information potentially harmful to public security; no parties involved have disagreements/disputes over property rights, the name of author, the order of author names in case of multi-authored contribution, and the order of affiliation names, and so forth. Responsibilities reside with the Contributor in case of any non-conformation or violation, and the Contributor shall pay the fees incurred therefrom.

4. This agreement is effective upon signature. A scanned copy/signature bears the same effect for the parties.

5. Implementation of the agreement shall conform to the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, together with other laws and legal regulations of China. The parties shall work together for any issues unresolved by this agreement.


I warrant I am the above named corresponding author and I am authorized to sign on behalf of myself and, in the case of a multi-authored contribution, on behalf of all other authors of the Contribution.



For the Contributor: ……………………………………..