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【Data Paper】Released online:April 1, 2020 125 4

China township-level population density dataset (2010)

Wang Juanle, Wang Xiaojie, Wang Mingming et al.
Keywords: demography;population density;spatial distribution;township-level;China

Abstract:Township-level demographic data is the most detailed data released in China currently. Associating the attribute table of demographic data with the one of administrative boundary data to realize sp...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: March 30, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 1 618 21

A plant species list dataset of Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN)

Zhang Lin, Li Tong, Song Chuangye et al.
Keywords: Chinese Ecosystem Research Network;plant species list;flora;biodiversity;long-term observation

Abstract:A plant species list dataset of CERN is a comprehensive integration of plant species composition observation data from 22 ecological research stations. It contains the observation records of 3770 s...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:March 27, 2020 67 0

A soil moisture dataset of continuous fertilization experiment in loess hilly area (1997–2011)

Li Gouxia
Keywords: Loess Plateau;loessial soil;continuous fertilization;soil moisture;soil nutrients


【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:March 27, 2020 170 2

A dataset of soil water and heat dynamic obtained in the meteorological observational site of TYA from 2005 to 2014

Yin chunmei, Fu Xingan, Chen Chunlan et al.
Keywords: TYA;soil water and heat;temperature;rainfall;monitoring data;2005–2014

Abstract:Soil water and heat status not only play an important role in crop growth and water-saving irrigation, but also in atmospheric circulation and climate change. High quality long-term field monitorin...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: March 27, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 1 885 10

A plant community dataset of marsh ecosystem for Sanjiang Plain, China 2000 – 2015

Tan Wenwen, Zhao Zhichun, Zhang Xinhou et al.
Keywords: Sanjiang Plain;marsh ecosystem;plant community

Abstract:This dataset is selected from the biological observation data of Sanjiang Plain Experimental Station of Wetland Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It includes plant community biomass, community ...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: March 26, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 1 595 6

A dataset of 17 dominant plants phenological observation in Shennongjia (2009–2018)

Ma Boyu, Zhao Changming, Ge Jielin et al.
Keywords: Shennongjia station;plant phenology;artificial observation;climate change;environmental change

Abstract:Plant phenology is often used as an important indicator for climate change. Making clear the phenological changes in response to changes in the natural environment can help us understand the changi...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:March 25, 2020 186 1

Photomicrograph dataset of Cretaceous siliciclastic rocks from the central-northern Lhasa Terrane, Tibet

Wen Lai, Yiqiu Zhang, Xiumian Hu et al.
Keywords: thin section;polarized photomicrograph;siliciclastic rocks;central-northern Lhasa Terrane;cretaceous;Tibetan Plateau

Abstract:There are at least 5 units of Cretaceous clastic rocks widely outcropping on the central-northern Lhasa Terrane, Tibet. These sedimentary rocks faithfully recorded the information of a series of im...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:March 25, 2020 185 2

Polarized light micrographs dataset of Late Cretaceous-Eocene rocks under thin section in western Tarim Basin, Xinjiang

Shijie Zhang, Xiumian Hu
Keywords: thin section;polarized light micrograph;carbonate rocks;western Tarim Basin;Late Cretaceous-Eocene

Abstract:Late Cretaceous-Eocene carbonate rocks (with some sandstone or mixed siliciclastic-carbonate interlayers) are widely exposed in the western Tarim Basin, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. The...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: March 25, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 1 755 9

A dataset of nutrient structure and limiting factors of phytoplankton growth in Jiaozhou bay from 1997 to 2010

Zhao Yongfang, Zhao Zengxia, Sun Xiaoxia
Keywords: Jiaozhou bay;phosphorus-nitrogen ratio;silicon-phosphorus ratio;silicon-nitrogen ratio;long-term monitoring;limiting factors of phytoplankton growth

Abstract:Nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon are the main biogenic elements and the basis of primary production processes and food chains in the ocean. The ratio of phosphorus-nitrogen, silicon-phosphorus and ...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: March 24, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 1 643 7

A dataset of biomass (A-ground and U-ground) and leaf area index of main crops on dry slope farmland in hilly areas of central Sichuan Basin (2005–2015)

Gao Meirong, Wang Yanqiang, Zhu Bo
Keywords: biomass;Leaf area index;root biomass;central Sichuan Basin

Abstract:Leaf area index (LAI) is one of the fundamental parameters used to characterize vegetation canopy structure. Root is the most important organ to regulate the relationship between plant and soil wat...