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【Other Data Paper】Released online:Oct. 28, 2021 10 0

A long-term monitoring dataset of air and soil temperature during 1996-2020 in Ansai Research Station

Wang Lina, Tang Yakun, Jiang Jun
Keywords: air temperature;soil temperature;Ansai;1996–2020

Abstract:Temperature is one of the conventional elements measured by ground meteorological stations and reflecting the climatic characteristics in a region. As a basic component of the earth’s surface system, soil plays an important role in stori...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Oct. 25, 2021 635 1

A dataset of bird checklist and community traits in typical forest ecosystems of Dinghushan (2015–2018)

Fan Zongji, Ouyang Xuejun, Zhang Qianmei et al.
Keywords: Dinghushan;bird community;checklist;long-term monitoring;vegetation type

Abstract:Bird diversity and its community structure were important indicators for the long-term monitoring of biodiversity in ecosystems. The typical forest vegetation types were well preserved in Dinghushan National Nature Reserve, including mon...

【China-Pakistan Economic Corridor】Released online:Oct. 25, 2021 38 0

Distribution and characteristics of debris flows in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

JIANG Yuhong, GUO Yongqiang, HE Jiaxuan
Keywords: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor;debris flow;image;distribution;characteristics

Abstract:This dataset, based on historical data collection, field survey, and remote sensing images interpretation, combined with ASTER GDEM (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer Global Digital Elevation Model) V3 and ge...

【Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau】Released online:Oct. 25, 2021 14 0

Frequency distribution improved and wind-induced undercatch corrected gridded precipitation for Tibetan Plateau (1980-2009)

Ma Jiapei, Li Hongyi
Keywords: gridded precipitation;undercatch correction;frequency optimization;Tibetan Plateau

Abstract:The gridded precipitation is an important support for the studies of meteorology, hydrology and ecology on the Tibetan Plateau. However, due to the limitations of topography and observation conditions in this region, conventional gridded...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Oct. 22, 2021 21 0

On the Standardization of Biological Data and the Development of Microbial Data Standards

Dingzhong Sun, Ma Juncai
Keywords: biological data;microbial data standard;data standardization;interoperability;data element

Abstract:Modern biology is no less a data science than an experimental science. In order to produce human- and machine-actionable data, increasing the FAIRability of existing and future data, we have to take the idea of data standardize more seri...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Oct. 22, 2021 23 0

2007-2020 Chinese Lunar Exploration Project VLBI Measurement Data

Chen Zhong, Zheng Weimin, Chen Xiao et al.
Keywords: CLEP;VLBI;Measurement Data Set;Database

Abstract:Chinese Lunar Exploration Project (CLEP) of “Orbiting, Landing, Returning” missions have requirment of high precision for orbit and the landing position measurement. Combining range and range rate measurement with Very Long Baseline Inte...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Oct. 22, 2021 34 0

An observation dataset of meteorology at Yuanjiang Dry-hot Valley Ecological Station (2011 – 2020)

Sun Chenna, Yang Daxin, Song Qinghai et al.
Keywords: Yuanjiang Dry-hot Valley Ecological Station;Artificial meteorological monitoring;Savanna ecosystem;2011—2020

Abstract:In the context of global warming, meteorological monitoring plays an important role in studying the change mechanism of ecosystem elements and establishing relevant environmental prediction models. In this study, the savanna ecosystem in...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Oct. 22, 2021 20 0

A dataset of the funding inputs and research paper outputs of highly funded scientists in China from 1986-2019

Yucheng Dong, Keyu Xiang, Zhaoxia Guo
Keywords: research data;highly funded scientists;scientific funding

Abstract:Funding inputs and research outputs have always been two central issues in the science of science. Understanding their relationship is critical for relevant management authorities to make effective policies in scientific research and dev...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Oct. 22, 2021 15 0

Ionosonde dataset of Wuhan Observatory in 1960

Xiukuan Zhao, Baiqi Ning, Lianhuan Hu et al.
Keywords: Wuhan;Ionosonde;Ionogram;Ionospheric Parameters

Abstract:In the history of ionospheric observation, vertical ionospheric sounding is a conventional method and still plays an important role in ionospheric monitoring. Wuhan is the first observatory in China to conduct routine vertical ionospheri...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Oct. 22, 2021 17 0

The catalogue of plant and animal resources in Shi Menguan Scenic Spot in Yangbi County, Yunnan Province

xiaocui, jindongmei, liyingchao et al.
Keywords: Shi Men guan Scenic Spot in Yangbi County;plant diversity;catalogue of plants and animal

Abstract:Based on the field survey of Shi Menguan Scenic Spot in Yangbi County for more than one year, we have sorted out the latest and most complete catalogue of plant and animal in Shi Menguan Scenic Spot by combining various research data, su...