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【Historical Geographic Data of the Silk Road】Published: Sept. 21, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 576 5

Land use-based human activity intensity along the Yangtze River Economic Belt, China (1970s – 2015)

Li Shicheng, zhang Xuezhen
Keywords: Yangtze River Economic Belt, land use, human activity intensity, long time series, raster format

Abstract:Data of human activity intensity can be used to assess the effects of human activities on biodiversity. Based on China’s land use/cover datasets and a land use-based index measuring human disturban...

【Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research】Published: Sept. 6, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 581 9

A dataset of scientific literature on floods, 1990 – 2017

Zhang Hongyue, Li Guoqing, Huang Mingrui et al.
Keywords: literature data sets;flood;WS;HCS

Abstract:With an increasing number of scientific achievements published, it is particularly important to conduct literature-based knowledge discovery and data mining. Flood, as one of the most destructive n...

【China-Pakistan Economic Corridor】Published: Aug. 30, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 522 5

Dynamic spatial datasets of ecological carbon pools and carbon sources and sinks in arid regions of western China under the impact of climate change from 1980 to 2014

Fang Xia, Zhang Chi, Zhang Yaonan et al.
Keywords: arid;carbon stock;arid ecosystem model (AEM)

Abstract:Arid region is known for its terrestrial ecosystems highly sensitive to climate change. The dynamics of ecosystem carbon pools most intuitively reflect regional carbon source/sink characteristics. ...

【Historical Geographic Data of the Silk Road】Published: Aug. 20, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 636 0

A dataset of the east-central section of the Silk Road in Tang dynasty (618 – 907 A.D.)

Xu Xueqiang, Zhangping
Keywords: Silk Road;traffic route;Tang dynasty

Abstract:Traffic route of the Silk Road is an important foundation for studies of the Silk Road. Historically, the Silk Road in the Tang dynasty laid the basic framework for the traffic routes of the Silk R...

【Historical Geographic Data of the Silk Road】Published: Aug. 19, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 503 10

A dataset of human settlements along the Shiyang River basin in Qing and Republican China

Luocong, Zhangping
Keywords: Qing and Republican China;Shiyang River;human settlement;geographic information system

Abstract:Located in arid Hexi Region, the Shiyang River basin is an unavoidable node along the Silk Road. The changes of human settlements along the basin have important implications for social and ecologic...

【Historical Geographic Data of the Silk Road】Published: Aug. 18, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 601 7

Traffic data of the Silk Road in the Han dynasty

Hu Yumeng, Yan Bo, Zhang Ping
Keywords: Silk Road;road traffic;Han dynasty;route restoration

Abstract:Based on the high-definition satellite images provided by Google Earth, as well as collated historical documents, archaeological achievements and contemporary research, this study tried to identif...

【Data Paper】Published: Aug. 17, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 1751 16

A dataset of benthic environmental parameters in the Yellow Sea (2007 – 2009)

Meng Zhaocui, Dai Renhai, Li Yuhang et al.
Keywords: Yellow Sea;CTD observation;benthic environment

Abstract:Four cruises were conducted in the Yellow Sea from 2007 to 2009. Through conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) observation, the study obtained data on the water depth, bottom water temperature and s...

【Historical Geographic Data of the Silk Road】Published: Aug. 16, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 693 24

A dataset of Xinjiang region lakes and wetlands in late Qing and Republican China

Su RaoRao, Wang Fang, Pan Wei
Keywords: Xinjiang;first half of the 20th century;Modern map;lakes;wetlands

Abstract:Lake and wetland are sensitive factors and indicators of regional environmental changes in arid areas. The recovery of lake and wetland information in Xinjiang not only provides basic hydrologic da...

【Historical Geographic Data of the Silk Road】Published: Aug. 15, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 700 9

A tourist routes GIS dataset of the Silk Road in the Mongol-Yuan dynasty

Chengjun, Zhangping
Keywords: Mongol-Yuan dynasty;tourist;Silk Road;travel point;travel route;GIS

Abstract:During the Mongol-Yuan dynasty, many tourists travelled along the Silk Road, of whom about 15 have detailed records which could be used to restore their journeys. The journeys of those tourists are...

【Data Paper】Published: June 26, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 74 3

Data of the MWISP Sky Survey (2011 – 2017)

Lu Dengrong, Sun Jixian, Yang Zherui et al.
Keywords: millimeter wave;sky survey data;Galactic structure

Abstract:Using the PMO 13.7 m millimeter-wave radio telescope located in Delingha and a nine-beam Superconducting Spectroscopic Array Receiver (SSAR) system, we preformed a large-scale survey called MWISP p...