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【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Oct. 17, 2019 50 1

A dataset of litter recovery amount and standing crop dynamics in a typical subtropical mixed evergreen and deciduous broadleaved forest (2009-2016)

Liu Lu, Zhao Changming, Ge Jielin et al.
Keywords: seasonal dynamics;inter-annual dynamics;plant organs;long-term observation

Abstract:Mixed evergreen and deciduous broadleaved forests are the most representative vegetation type in subtropical region of China. Based on a long-time litter observation in field sampling plots, the da...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Oct. 17, 2019 51 1

A dataset of nutrient structure and the limiting factors of phytoplankton growth in Jiaozhou bay from 1997 to 2010

Zhao Yongfang, Zhao Zengxia, Sun Xiaoxia
Keywords: Jiaozhou bay;phosphorus-nitrogen ratio;silicon-phosphorus ratio;silicon-nitrogen ratio;long-term monitoring;limiting factors of phytoplankton growth

Abstract:Nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon are the main biogenic elements and the basis of primary production processes and food chains in the ocean. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon in water ca...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Oct. 16, 2019 44 1

Soil element content dataset of Dongting Lake beach (2012 – 2016)

Li Xu, Zeng Jing, Hou Zhiyong et al.
Keywords: nutrient element;heavy metal;soil pollution;wetland beach;long-term locating and monitoring

Abstract:The spatial distribution of soil elements in wetlands is affected by many environmental factors, among which the hydrological conditions regulate the soil elements through the change of hydrologica...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Oct. 16, 2019 48 1

A dataset of underground water level in National Field Station for Forest Ecosystems in Shennongjia (2012–2016)

Zhao Changming, Shen Guozhen, Xu Wenting et al.
Keywords: underground water level;North subtropical;SNF

Abstract:Underground water is an important natural resource in a region, and the data of underground water level can provide important references for studying the long-term changes of underground water. Thi...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Oct. 10, 2019 201 3

A dataset of sap-flow measurements in a mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forest at Dinghushan (2010 – 2011)

Huang Jianqiang, Huang Dewei, Li Yuelin et al.
Keywords: Dinghushan National Nature Reserve;mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forest;dominant species;sap-flow

Abstract:Evapotranspiration is one of the main pathways of water resource consumption in terrestrial ecosystem. It is a complex and continuous process, and influenced by the action of physiological process ...

【Big Earth Data Science Engineering Project】Released online:Oct. 8, 2019 332 5

Collection of Data on Overseas Power Projects in the Belt and Road Initiative (2000–2019)

Yu Jiang, Mingquan Wu, Changjun Huang et al.
Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative;power projects;dataset;web crawler technology

Abstract:Power shortages are faced by developing countries in the Belt and Road region. Since the Belt and Road initiative was put forward, Chinese companies have invested and built a large number of electr...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Oct. 7, 2019 107 1

Plant phenological observation dataset of Shennongjia station (2009 – 2018)

Ma Boyu, Zhao Changming, Ge Jielin et al.
Keywords: Shennongjia station;plant phenology;artificial observation;climate change;environmental change

Abstract:Plant phenology is often used as an important indicator for climate change. To make clear the phenological changes in response to changes in the natural environment contributes to understand the la...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Oct. 7, 2019 114 2

A dataset of aerosol optical depth in Shennongjia area, 2013–2018

Lan Tianyuan, Xu Wenting, Shen Guozhen et al.
Keywords: atmospheric aerosol;aerosol optical depth;shennongjia;location monitoring

Abstract:Atmospheric aerosol is an important component of the atmosphere, aerosol optical depth is an important parameter of atmospheric aerosol, and Shennongjia area is an important forest ecosystem and ae...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Sept. 26, 2019 290 1

Meteorological and Radiant Dataset observed by Sanjiang Plain Experimental Station of Wetland Ecology, Chinese Academic of Sciences during 2009 – 2018

Tianhua Qiao, Changchun Song
Keywords: meteorological factors;wetland;freshwater marsh;meteorological and radiant data

Abstract:Meteorological factors are the main drivers for wetland development and also the controlling factors for wetland formation and characteristic differentiation. The Sanjiang Plain Experimental Statio...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Sept. 26, 2019 242 0

Physical and chemical monitoring dataset of pelagic environment in Jiaozhou Bay during 2006 – 2010

Zhao Zengxia, Sun Xiaoxia, Zhao Yongfang et al.
Keywords: Jiaozhou bay;water chemistry;ecosystem;long-term observation

Abstract:This dataset is built from physical and chemical data archives of the Jiaozhou Bay Marine Ecosystem Research Station during 2006-2010. Covering seven parameters (water temperature, salinity, ammoni...