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【Biodiversity in China】Released online:March 4, 2021 286 1

A scientific database of useful plants of China

Zhuang HuiFu, Wang Yanan, Wang Chen et al.
Keywords: useful plants;Transitional knowledge;Ethnobotany

Abstract:China has a long history of using vascular plants and a large body of recorded knowledge on uses. However, due to the difference of plant nomenclature system used in literatures, abundant plant uti...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 22, 2021 284 3

A dataset of mangrove vector in the Guangdong province during 2015–2020

Liu Yequ, Zhang Li, Guo Kangli et al.
Keywords: Guangdong province;mangrove;GF-2 satellite;remote sensing;dataset

Abstract:Guangdong province is one of the regions with the largest mangroves area, the widest range and the most abundant species in China. It is very significant to find out the location and situation of m...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Feb. 20, 2021 322 4

A dataset of litter recovery amount and standing crop dynamics in middle subtropical broad-leaved evergreen forests (2005–2015)

Guan Xin, Huang Ke, Yan Shaokui et al.
Keywords: evergreen broad-leaved forest;litter;long-term observation;plant organs

Abstract:The evergreen broad-leaved forest is the most stable top succession community in the subtropical area. Based on a long-time litter observation on the comprehensive observation field by Huitong Nati...

【China-Pakistan Economic Corridor】Released online:Feb. 20, 2021 333 1

A daily meteorological dataset in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor from 1961 to 2015

Chen Jinyu, Tao Hui, Liu Jinping
Keywords: precipitation;temperature;China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC);ANUSPLIN;data evaluation

Abstract:With a spatial resolution of 0.25 degree, this dataset covers the entire China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and span from 1st January 1961 to 31th December 2015. It is ba...

【Meridian Project Data】Released online:Feb. 18, 2021 519 1

The atmospheric Electric field of Meridian Project

LI Renkang, CHEN Tao, LUO Jing
Keywords: The Meridian Project;middle and low latitude region;atmospheric electric field;daily average change

Abstract:The change of atmospheric electric field is affected by both lightning and solar activities. The change of atmospheric electric field represents the state of global atmospheric circuit. The charact...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 8, 2021 223 1

High-precision aerial imagery and interpretation dataset of landslide and debris flow disaster in Sichuan and surrounding areas

ZENG Chao, Cao Zhenyu, Su Fenghuan et al.
Keywords: Landslide and debris flow disaster;high-precision;aerial image and interpretation data set;2008~2020;0.2 m~0.9 m

Abstract:Based on the landslides and debris flow disasters high-resolution digital orthophoto map (with the resolution of 0.2 m~0.9 m) in Sichuan province and its surrounding area since 2008, this paper use...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 2, 2021 439 3

A dataset of glacier vector in the Qaidam Basin from 1977 to 2018

Zhou Sugang, Yao Xiaojun, Zhang Yuan et al.
Keywords: glacier;Landsat images;Qaidam Basin

Abstract:The Qaidam Basin (34°41′N–39°20′N, 87°49′E–101°11′E), a closed inland basin located in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau and surrounded by the Qilian Mountains, Altun Mountains and Kunlun Mountains,...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Feb. 2, 2021 430 3

A diffuse radiation dataset in Qianyanzhou Ecological Research Station (2012–2019)

Han Jiayin, Zhang Caixia, Zhang Leiming et al.
Keywords: Qianyanzhou;diffuse radiation;global radiation;clearness index

Abstract: Diffuse radiation is a main component of solar radiation, which dynamic change has an important effect on ecosystem carbon cycle. In 2012, an SPN1 pyranometer (Del...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 1, 2021 598 5

Dataset for geochemical characteristics of purple rock and its weathering crust in Sichuan Basin (before 1990)

Gao Meirong, Tang Jialiang, Kuang Fuhong
Keywords: purple rock;purple weathering crust;geochemical characteristics;weathering characteristics

Abstract:Purple soil is a special species due to mode and speed of pedogenesis with world pedologists’ concerns. Its parent materials mainly include talus material, residual deposit, and weathered bedrock o...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Jan. 31, 2021 189 3

Dataset of µCT scan of the skull of Indotestudo elongata (Reptilia: Testudinata)

Li Lan, Yin Yalei, Zhou Changfu
Keywords: Turtles;morphology;phylogenetic analysis;µCT;data

Abstract:Turtles are divided into two groups, Cryptodira and Pleurodira, according to how they retract their neck into their shells. Monophyly of Cryptodira and Pleurodira is strongly supported by the phylo...