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【Data Paper】Released online:March 21, 2019 426 1

A dataset of species composition in a monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest monitoring plot of Dinghushan Forest Ecosystem Research Station (1992 – 2015)

Zou Shun, Geng Weixin, Qianmei Zhang et al.
Keywords: Dinghushan;monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest;species composition;abundance;biomass;importance value;long-term observation

Abstract:Plant species composition affects the biogeochemical cycle, productivity, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and ecosystem services of forest ecosystems. It is an important indicator of the long-t...

【Data Paper】Released online:March 18, 2019 479 2

Grid data on land cover of Henan Province (2015)

Li Ning, Zhu Jun, Qin Fen
Keywords: Henan Province;land cover;Landsat 8;visual interpretation;2015

Abstract:This study draws sources from 86-scene Landsat 8 OLI satellite images with cloud volume less than 10%, high-temporal resolution GF-1 WFV wide-viewing angle multispectral camera, UAV (unmanned aeria...

【Data Paper】Released online:March 18, 2019 501 0

A multi-source spatiotemporal dataset of floods in Chengdu (2018)

Li Zhenyu, Xie Jibo, Yang Tengfei et al.
Keywords: flood disaster;social media;GIS;multi-source spatiotemporal data

Abstract:With the continuous development of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief means, disaster-related data are becoming increasingly effective and extensive. In flood events, traditional remote sen...

【Data Paper】Released online:March 13, 2019 122 2

Survey and analysis of scientists' training needs

Zhao Yixia, Jin Kun
Keywords: lifelong learning;scientist;survey and statistics;training mode

Abstract:With the shortening of knowledge updating cycle, lifelong learning becomes necessary. As a group of scientists and technicians who pursue the discovery of scientific knowledge, their continuing edu...

【Data Paper】Released online:March 11, 2019 224 6

Gridded data of township-level population distribution in Shandong Province (2000 & 2010)

Wang Mingming, Wang Juanle
Keywords: population;spatialization;nighttime light data;land use data;township-level;Shandong Province

Abstract:Capturing a fine-scale population spatial distribution, gridded data is of great significance for supporting research on geography, resources, environment, ecology, disasters, and sustainable devel...

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Released online:Feb. 28, 2019 207 1

Social media-based monitoring data for wind disasters in Hainan

ZHANG Qinglan, XIE Jibo, LIU Zhan et al.
Keywords: Typhoon;Hainan island;social media;information mining

Abstract:Typhoon is one of the main natural disasters threatening human survival and development. Effective disaster–related data is an important basis for the government to carry out disaster prevention, m...

【Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 26, 2019 425 2

Dataset of rodent echinococcosis infection status in Shiqu County, Sichuan Province, 2016 – 2018

jianglufan, zhengpuyang, libo et al.
Keywords: Shiqu County;Hydatid disease;Ochotona curzoniae;Lasiopodomys fuscus;Reproductive status

Abstract:Located in Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Shiqu County has the highest incidence of echinococcosis in China, where half of the households suffer from echinococcosis. Because of its hi...

【Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 21, 2019 227 5

Atmospheric nitrogen deposition in a typical agricultural-ecosystem of the central Sichuan Basin of China (2008–2013)

Gao Meirong, Kuang Fuhong, Zhu Bo
Keywords: atmospheric nitrogen;dry deposition;wet deposition;central Sichuan Basin

Abstract:As a crucial process of the nitrogen biogeochemical cycle, atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition brings organic and inorganic nitrogen into the ecosystem in the form of dry and wet (rainfall) deposit...

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Released online:Feb. 20, 2019 370 5

Evaluation data set for Hainan tourism scenic spots based on social media

LIN Zhenyu, XIE Jibo, QIN Zuomiao et al.
Keywords: Hainan tourism;social media;scenic evaluation;personalized recommendation

Abstract:This paper collected and processed the commentary data of all 4A and 5A scenic spots in Hainan from 2012 to 2018 from social media, and then combined with the statistical data published by Hainan T...

【Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 14, 2019 551 3

A dataset of butterfly ecological images for automatic species identification

Juanying Xie, Jiawen Cao, Libin Ma et al.
Keywords: butterfly taxonomy;ecological images;automatic recognition;object detection

Abstract:While reducing reliance on experts, automatic species identification can provide strong technical assistance to ecological environment monitoring, biodiversity protection, pest control. However, al...