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【Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau】Released online:Sept. 23, 2021 280 1

Annual dataset for changes of Longbasaba Glacier in the Central Himalayas during 1988–2018

Zhang Te, Wei Junfeng, Zhang Yong et al.
Keywords: lake-terminating glaciers;glacier surface mass balance;glacier change;glacial mass balance model

Abstract:The lake-terminating glaciers are widely distributed in the central Himalayas. According to the impact of proglacial lakes, these glaciers exhibited a more sensitive response to climate change than others. The dataset of the bottom topog...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Sept. 23, 2021 405 0

A rainstorm dataset in China during 2001–2019

Bai He, Ming Yisen, Liu Qihang et al.
Keywords: rainstorm;Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM);China

Abstract:This rainstorm dataset is extracted from a long time series (January 2001 to December 2019) of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) product. According to the rainstorm threshold defined by the China Meteorological Administration, r...

【China-Pakistan Economic Corridor】Released online:Sept. 22, 2021 511 0

A gridded dataset of extremely low-temperature events over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor during 1961–2015

litao, Tao Hui, Chen Jinyu
Keywords: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC);extremely low temperature event;dataset;1961–2015

Abstract:Due to climate change, global extremely low-temperature events occur frequently, which have serious impacts on the development of human society and the economy. Accurate identification of extremely low-temperature events is the key strat...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Sept. 22, 2021 460 1

250 m resolution dataset of spatiotemporal variations of vegetation in the growing season over the Yellow River Basin (2000–2020)

Bai Yan, Yang Yaping, Sun Jiulin
Keywords: Yellow River Basin;vegetation index;Mann-Kendall test;coefficient of variation;growing season

Abstract:The Yellow River Basin (YRB) is a significant ecological barrier region in China and plays a pivotal role in the economic and social development as well as the ecological security. In view of assessing the status of regional ecological r...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Sept. 22, 2021 272 0

Crystal structure dataset of chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicines

Li Yingyong
Keywords: traditional Chinese medicine;chemical constituent;chemical structure;crystal structure

Abstract:Traditional Chinese medicine’s chemical composition data and compound crystalline structure data were collected from the Chinese and foreign journals of 1945–2015, then input into the dataset. When processing, the data was controlled and...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Sept. 18, 2021 555 2

30 m-resolution land cover fusion data in the Yangtze River Delta in 2015

Chen Yicong, Shao Hua, Li Yang et al.
Keywords: Yangtze River Delta;land cover;fusion data;medium resolution

Abstract:Land cover data is a data set describing the properties and distribution of materials on the earth's surface. It is of great significance to the study of global climate change and urban development trends. This data takes the Yangtze Riv...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Sept. 17, 2021 831 5

China 5 km monthly NDVI product (1982–2020)

Yang Xu, Yaping Yang
Keywords: NDVI;China;Long-term;5 km;rgee

Abstract:归一化植被指数(Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, NDVI)是研究植被最常用的遥感指数之一。NDVI长时间序列数据对于植被变化研究有着重要的意义。本数据集包含了中国区域1982–2020年的逐月最大值合成NDVI数据,主要基于NOAA CDR NDVI产品使用R语言rgee包调用Google Earth Engine进行月最大值合成和裁剪等过程加工生成。本数据集可反映中国1982–2020年NDVI时空变化情况,可为中国地区...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Sept. 2, 2021 512 2

Monthly dynamic data set of litterfall recovery from typical alder cypress mixed forests in the hilly areas of central Sichuan (2011–2020)

Gao Meirong, WANG Xiaoguo
Keywords: the central Sichuan basin;alder cypress mixed forests;litter recovery;monthly dynamic

Abstract:Litter is the metabolic product of forest plants during their growth and development and plays an important role in nutrient cycling in the forest ecosystem.Mixed alder cypress forests are widely distributed in the subtropical hilly ...

【Joint Special Issue of the National Science Data Center】Released online:Sept. 1, 2021 552 6

A dataset of LAI and APAR in Guizhou Province from 2001 to 2016 based on the Two-Leaf model

LIU Ying, ZHOU shijie, JIN Jiaxin et al.
Keywords: leaf area index;absorbed photosynthetically active radiation;Two-­Leaf model;Guizhou province

Abstract:Leaf area index (LAI) denotes the ratio of the total leaf area of vegetation to the land area in a unit area, which represents the canopy structure and growth state. It is one of the dominators of the absorbed photosynthetic effective ra...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Aug. 27, 2021 844 2

A dataset of soil elements content of desert grassland in southern Tarim Basin, during 2009–2015

WangPeng, Li Xiangyi, rapkit et al.
Keywords: desert ecosystem;elements;soil physical and chemical properties;soil quality;long-term located monitoring

Abstract:The study area is located between Qinghai Tibet alpine bounded by the Kunlun Mountains and the Taklimakan Desert, with rare vegetation, simple ecosystem structure and poor stability. Since joining in the Chinese Ecosystem Research Networ...