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【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Released online:Nov. 13, 2018 60 0

A dataset of land water distribution in Hainan province: Based on medium and high resolution remote sensing data

Xu Fen, Meng Qingyan, Zhang Linlin
Keywords: land water;object-oriented knowledge rule set;Hainan province;medium and high resolution remote sensing data

Abstract:Land water distribution is an indispensable component of global water resource security and management, climate research and ecological environment dynamic monitoring. Based on GF-1 data and Landsa...

【Data Paper】Released online:Nov. 13, 2018 49 0

A literature-based dataset of fractional vegetation cover models for different underlying surfaces in China

Liu Erhua, zhouguangsheng, Zhou Li
Keywords: China;underlying surface;vegetation coverage;models

Abstract:Fractional vegetation cover (FVC) is a comprehensive quantitative indicator to measure vegetation cover, which provides significant basic data for studying ecological environment, water and soil co...

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Released online:Nov. 13, 2018 49 0

Data set of land surface temperature inversion in Sanya city based on radiative transfer model

Gu Yanchun
Keywords: land surface temperature;radiative transfer;Landsat;Sanya

Abstract:This study uses Landsat series image data to construct a radiative transfer model, with which to carry out ground surface temperature inversion in Sanya city. By using the radiative transfer model,...

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Released online:Nov. 8, 2018 85 0

Coastline data of Hainan Island during 1987 – 2017

BI Jingpeng, ZHANG Li, SONG Xixi et al.
Keywords: Hainan Island;coastlines;position of coastlines;type of coastlines;ecological environment

Abstract:Six types of coastline interpretation markers and extraction rules were established based on a combination of the Landsat TM//OLI data of 40 scenes (with a full coverage of Hainan Island) for eight...

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Released online:Nov. 8, 2018 108 0

A dataset of impervious surface in Haikou city from 2006 to 2016

Wang Xiankai, Meng Qingyan, Liu Ying et al.
Keywords: impervious surface;double index;Kappa coefficient;sponge city

Abstract:Impervious surface is one of the most basic components of a city which has a significant impact on urban ecological environment and regional development. This study selected and collected the Lands...

【Data Paper】Released online:Sept. 30, 2018 357 0

A dataset of nickel base superalloys: Based on the International Symposium on Superalloy 1980–2016

Yin Haiqing, Xu Bin, Jiang Xue et al.
Keywords: superalloy;International Symposium on Superalloys;data opening;materials genome engineering

Abstract:Superalloy is a crucial material for the development of aerospace industries. However, Due to high confidentiality imposed on superalloy data exchange abroad, acquisition of superalloy data has bee...

【China Agricultural Data】Released online:Dec. 22, 2017 1406 0

Regional distribution and ecological adaptability of major forages in China

Xu Lijun, Xin Xiaoping
Keywords: Forage;Adaptability;Regionalization

Abstract:Forage adaptability and regional distribution in China is understudied. Since Hong Fuceng’s edited collection Regional Mapping of Perennial Grasses in China published in later 1980s, only a few art...

【China Agricultural Data】Released online:Dec. 19, 2017 1223 0

Data sets for pasture grass introduction and policy decision-making

xinxiaoping, xulijun
Keywords: pasture grass;grass introduction;policy decision-making;spatialization

Abstract:Pasture grass introduction determines the success of grass planting in an area, which has great significance for forage producers and growers. To support forage production, management, planning, an...