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【Other Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 19, 2021 122 4

A dataset of soil wind erosion in the Yellow River Basin from 2000 to 2018

Chi Wenfeng, Kuang Wenhui, Jia Jing et al.
Keywords: Yellow River Basin;RWEQ;Soil wind erosion modulus

Abstract:"Ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin" is one of the major national strategies. Food security and ecological security issues caused by soil erosion have attr...

【Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia】Released online:Feb. 18, 2021 96 0

A dataset of glacier outline in the Three-River Headwaters region in 2000—2019

Zhang Yuan, Yao Xiaojun, Zhou Sugang et al.
Keywords: glacier;the Three-River Headwaters;the Yellow River;the Yangtze River;the Mekong River

Abstract:The Three-River Headwaters (TRH) region (89°45'–102°23'E, 31°39'–36°12'N), located in the southern part of Qinghai Province in China and on the central-eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau, is an im...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 8, 2021 102 0

A dataset of Tang and Song Poetry Literature Landscape of

Du xiaohan, Di Hu, 李岱蔚 et al.
Keywords: Literary Landscape;Literary Geography;Poetry;Famous Mountains;Literary GIS

Abstract:Literary landscape refers to the landscape closely related to the life, study, work, writing and literary activities of writers, which has certain literary connotations. Ancient literati, most like...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Feb. 8, 2021 142 0

A dataset for small infrared moving target detection under clutter background

Xiaoliang Sun, Liangchao Guo, Wenlong Zhang et al.
Keywords: Small infrared moving target;Airborne detection platform;Clutter background;Target detection;Image sequence

Abstract:Small infrared moving target detection is one of the key technologies of infrared detection. And it has always been a hot issue in photoelectric detection, especially for small infrared moving targ...

【Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau】Released online:Feb. 7, 2021 95 0

A dataset of glacier inventory of West China in 2018

Ran Weijie, Wang Xin
Keywords: remote sensing;glacier inventory;West China

Abstract:The glacier area of West China is more sensitive to climate change response and the magnitude of change varies widely. Since the second glacier inventory in China, there has been a lack of systemat...

【Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau】Released online:Jan. 25, 2021 162 0

A dataset of glacier velocity in the Eastern Pamir based on Landsat from 1989 to 2020

Zhen Zhang, Danni Huang, Yijie Lu et al.
Keywords: Eastern Pamir;glacier surface velocity;Landsat;glacier changes;Feature Offset-Tracking Method

Abstract:Glacier movement is closely related to mass balance, thickness, temperature state, and hydraulic characteristics of a glacier. With climate change, the glacier velocity is the key factor to control...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Released online:Jan. 22, 2021 135 0

A dataset of soil moisture content of Abies fabri in Gongga Mountain, southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, during 2007–2017

Yang Yang, Li Wei, Wang Genxu
Keywords: Gongga Mountain;soil moisture content;Abies fabri Craib;hydrological cycle

Abstract:As the core of hydrological cycle of terrestrial ecosystem, soil water is an important carrier of the material cycle and energy exchange of forest ecosystem, and lays an important role in the hydro...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Jan. 22, 2021 128 0

The dataset for Chinese-English Terminology of Chinese Medicine

Liang Hao, Wu Jiaze, Duan lunhui et al.
Keywords: Chinese medicine;terminology;Chinese-English

Abstract:The dataset is based on an integration of the English terminology of Chinese medicine (internal draft) developed by the people's Health Publishing House (PMPH), the WHO International Standard Termi...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Jan. 12, 2021 239 0

A scientific database of useful plants of China

Zhuang HuiFu, Wang Yanan, Wang Chen et al.
Keywords: useful plants;Transitional knowledge;Ethnobotany

Abstract:China has a long history of using vascular plants and a large body of recorded knowledge on uses. However, due to the difference of plant nomenclature system used in literatures, abundant plant uti...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Jan. 12, 2021 171 0

Landsat-8 thermal anomalies products over China

Caihong Ma, Jin Yang, Xinpeng Li et al.
Keywords: Thermal Anomalies;Landsat-8;NBRS;China

Abstract:Landsat-8 thermal anomalies products is an important parameter that can reflect the impact of human activities on the earth. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, industry, ecology, global ch...