Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences invites overseas talents to join us


The Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC) is the birthplace of China's first Internet which laid the foundation for China Science and Technology Network (CSTNET). In China, CNIC is one the the earliest pioneers in various fields such as high-performance computing services and applications, scientific data integration and management, and network-based science outreach. CNIC is also responsible for building and managing important platforms at national or ministerial levels such as the Academia Resource Planning system (ARP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Internet of Things Name Service Platform (NIOT).

Now we are opening our doors to overseas talents who will join our endeavors to build the "China Science and Technology Cloud", the "Smart Chinese Academy of Sciences" and the "Scientific Data Center".

CNIC was established in March 1995. It is one of the affiliated scientific research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. CNIC engages in personnel training, academic research, technological innovation, technology applications and technology transfer in various disciplines such as high-performance computer technology, big data technology, e-management technology, cyberspace security technology, new media technology, visualization technology and future network technology. 

(A) Positions

CNIC is seeking outstanding candidates through various talents programs such as the "Thousand Talents Program" (Program for long-term Innovative Talents and Program for Young Professionals) and the "Hundred Talents Program", mainly in heterogeneous system technology, Internet of things technology research, heterogeneous parallel algorithm research and framework software development, materials information science research, senior situational awareness analysts, cyberspace security technology and application research, computational chemistry independent application software research and development, new media technology research and development, visualization technology research and development and so on.

(B) Disciplines

Computer and related disciplines, big data, computational mathematics, computational chemistry, mobile computing, computational materials, computational physics, Internet of things, information security, journalism studies, communication studies, artificial intelligence and so on.

(C) Qualifications

The "Thousand Talents Program" and the "Hundred Talent Program" (Chinese Academy of Sciences) should meet the prescribed conditions. For other forms of talents introduction, the applicant should have a well-known university doctorate or master's degree either at home or abroad, and have about 3 years of overseas research work experience. In general, the applicant should not have been working full-time in China, should be the top talent in the field of scientific research in peers, and has the potential to become the leader in academic research or technical development in specific fields. Age of the applicant should not exceed 45 in principle.

(D) Compensation

We will provide excellent working and living conditions for overseas talents. 

a) Position: Senior positions, qualified as candidates for master supervisor or doctoral supervisor; b) Salary: RMB 350,000-450,000/year; c) Funds: In addition to subsidies and research funding provided by the nation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we will give no less than 500,000 RMB start-up research funding, in the form of project funds; d) Housing Benefits: In the employment period, you can use the temporary talents apartment at preferential prices; e) Resource Support: We will provide office, research space and graduate enrollment quota, and assist in setting up a scientific research team; f) Household Registration: We will apply for Beijing Household Registration for qualified personnel; g) Arrangements for Children: We will help to make arrangement for children's schooling.

We warmly welcome overseas talents to contact us through e-mail, telephone, etc. for policy advice and application materials submission. Thank you for your trust and support.


Contact Person: Qiao Jianwei and Li Li, Division of Human Resource and Education


Tel: +8610-58812272/2273

Address: 4, 4th South Street, Zhongguancun, Beijing 100190, China