LI Jianhui Elected Vice President of CODATA


LI Jianhui, Professor of Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Executive Associate Chief Editor of China Scientific Data, was elected Vice President of Committee on Data, International Science Council (CODATA, ISC) at its General Assembly held in Gaborone, Botswana on November 9-10, 2018. In accordance with the constitution of CODATA, a list of newly appointed officers has been elected at the meeting including one president from the Netherlands, two vice presidents from China and Russia, and eight executive members from Japan, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, etc. Apart from the election of officers, representatives from various countries, regions and international unions also discussed and voted on a series of issues such as the revision of constitution and the selection of task groups. As is customary, the General Assembly was held immediately following a series of CODATA academic activities during the 2018 International Data Week.

CODATA, formerly known as the Committee on Data for Science and Technology under the International Council for Science (ICSU), used to be an interdisciplinary scientific committee to improve the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of data of importance to all fields of science and technology. The Chinese Academy of Sciences joined CODATA in 1984 as a national member and has since then hosted two CODATA International Conferences in 1992 and 2006. After ISC was created in 2018 from a merger of ICSU and the International Social Science Council (ISSC), CODATA has become the committee under ISC for promoting global collaboration to improve the availability and usability of data for all areas of research. CODATA supports the principle that data produced by research and susceptible to be used for research should be as open as possible and as closed as necessary. CODATA works also to advance the interoperability and the usability of such data: research data should be intelligently open or FAIR. By promoting the policy, technological and cultural changes that are essential to make research data more widely available and more usable, CODATA helps advance the mission of strengthening international science for the benefit of society.