Academician Guo Huadong, editor-in-chief of China Scientific Data won the "Science and Technology Progress Award" of The Ho Liang Ho Lee Foundation


Nov. 5, 2020 Views:523

A Statement on Publication Ethics and Academic Misconduct

To promote research integrity and ethics among the scientific community, we, the Editorial Office of China Scientific Data, hereby issue a statement on publication ethics and academic misconduct in compliance with relevant state and international policies and regulations. With a rapid proliferation of research work, it is more important than ever that we continue promoting a healthy ecological environment for fair, equal, and open academic exchange, which has been vital for the robust development of sciences. In this statement, we have taken into consideration the journal’s peculiarities...

Sept. 30, 2020 Views:1327

Announcement of Article Processing Charges (APC) for China Scientific Data (Chinese-English Online Edition)

Respected authors:            For a long time, China Scientific Data (Chinese-English Network Edition) has been an Open Access journal. The published papers follow the CC BY 4.0 Protocol (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License). At the same time, we provide free storage services for the associated data of the papers. Readers can browse and download the papers and the associated data freely. Since its beginning of publication from 2015, we recognize the importance of data sharing and has adopted ever since the policy of f...

July 8, 2019 Views:3424

Science Data Bank Recommended as Generalist Repository of Scientific Data and Springer Nature

Science Data Bank, ScienceDB for short, was certified as a recommended generalist data repository to authors by Scientific Data and Springer Nature( in September. ScienceDB is China's first repository included in the Generalist subsection of the recommendation list, complementing the other six well-known repositories such as Dryad, figshare, etc. ScienceDB is a public and non-profit generalist data repository which is developed and maintained by the Computer Network Information ...

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Forthcoming: ChinaFLUX Observation and Research Network

Queries on this issue can be sent to the Editorial Office:

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