Volume 1, Issue 2

Published:Sept. 30, 2016
Supervised by:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 30, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 1142 6

A dataset observed by solar radio spectrometer at 4.50 – 7.50 GHz (2002 – 2013)

Yang Zherui; Song Zongjun; Lu lei; Meng Xuan; Gao Na; Liu Liang
Keywords: solar radio; multi-channel; frequency spectrogram; IDL; fits

Abstract:The sun is the nearest star to Earth. For long, solar observations have been an important component of fundamental astronomy researches. Earlier researches show that the sun has its own atmosphere which has been almost entirely ionized ...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 20, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 1041 1

Tetrahymena thermophila Functional Genomics Database

Yang Wentao; Wang Guangying; Tian Miao; Yuan Dongxia; Miao Wei; Zeng Honghui; Xiong Jie
Keywords: Tetrahymena thermophila; Functional genomics; RNA-seq; Microarray; Gene network

Abstract:Tetrahymena thermophila is an excellent unicellular eukaryote. Since T. thermophila could be purely cultured in the lab, well established molecular and genetic techniques and clear genetic background, it has been used as a good model org...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 7, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 1315 7

Database of Cetacean Stranding Records around Hainan Island (1993–2015)

Zhang Peijun; Li Songhai; Lin Mingli; Xing Luru; Chen Xiaoming; Jiang Xiaohong
Keywords: Hainan Island; marine mammal; stranding record; conservation; cetacean

Abstract:The cetacean biodiversity in China is high. Every year, lots of cetacean stranding cases are reported at different coastal cities in China. However, till now, no database for collection and analysis of cetacean stranding information is e...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Aug. 22, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 968 0

Data archive of the multi-channel infrared solar spectrograph(2001–2015)

Yang Zheru; Du Qiusheng; Li Hui; Gao Na; Liu Liang
Keywords: MISS; slit-jaw Hα images;spectral data;IDL

Abstract:The observation and study of solar spectrum can help us to know the physical parameters, such as the plasma velocity,、electron temperatures、 electron density, etc. of the line formation layers of solar atmosphere, because different spect...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Aug. 15, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 2135 20

A dataset of water quality monitoring in Taihu Lake (2001 – 2006)

Jinduo Xu; Ronghua Ma; Zhen Wang; Jiajun Hu
Keywords: Taihu Lake; water quality; water chemistry; observation data

Abstract:This dataset is provided by TaiLLER (Taihu Laboratory for Lake Ecosystem Research) of Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It contains 8 routine monitoring sites data which were sampled from 2001 to 20...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Aug. 8, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 1850 13

Mongolian, Tibetan, and Uyghur Speech Data from Chinese Minority Region in 2015

Xiangfeng Wei; Yi Yuan; Quan Zhang; Zhejie Chi
Keywords: speech data; Chinese minorities; Mongolian Tibetan and Uyghur; recording; remote collecting

Abstract:This paper introduces a Mongolian, Tibetan and Uyghur Speech Data in 2015, which was collected by using a remote speech acquiring software system based on Client/Server framework. The system of speech data acquisition reduced the cost an...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Aug. 1, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 8643 46

Soil TypeDatabase of China —the National Soil Dataset based on the Second National Soil Survey

Shi Jianping; Song Ge
Keywords: soil, soil type database,,second national soil survey, data integration

Abstract:Soil typesdatabase of China based on second national soil survey summary is the most comprehensive soil data resource over national scale. It covers the major kinds of soil type over nationwide in the 1980's, including the distribution o...

【Other Data Paper】Published: July 25, 2016 Volume 1, Issue 2 1457 1

Database for Engineering plastics 1990-2003

Li Yingyong; Zhao Yingli
Keywords: engineering plastics; resin;brand;property

Abstract:The engineering plastics database collected over 170 types of common engineering plastics during 1990-2003 , covering 20,000 brands and 15 categories, which manufactured by 4000 Chemical companies in 50 countries and regions. To improve ...