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A dataset of Tang and Song poetry literature landscape ofChinese eminence mountains
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: 2021 - 02 - 08
: 2021 - 05 - 18
: 2021 - 05 - 18
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Literary landscape refers to the landscape closely related to the life, study, work, writing and literary activities of writers, which has certain literary connotations. Ancient literati, mostly like to travel famous mountains and rivers. Most of the famous peaks in China have left the footprints of poets and many famous poems. This study collects and collates the famous mountains in China during the Tang and Song dynasties, and constructs the literary landscape dataset of famous mountains in China. The dataset includes the famous mountain table, the poem table, and the poet table, which records the information of the famous mountain, the poem and the poet and the relationship between the three. This dataset is helpful for studying the relationship between famous mountains and poetry, to explore the relationship between the formation and development of literary landscape and the influencing factors such as literary works and literary activities, and to reveal the formation and evolution path of literary landscape.
Keywords:  literary landscape; literary geography; poetry; famous mountains; literary GIS
Dataset Profile
TitleA dataset of Tang and Song Poetry Literature Landscape of Chinese Eminence Mountains
Data corresponding authorHU Di(hud316@gmail.com)
Data authorsDU Xiaohan, HU Di, LI Daiwei, ZHOU Sifan, BAI Tianyi
Time range596–1289
Geographical scopeChina
Data volume303 data entries
Data format*.xlsx
Data service system<http://www.dx.doi.org/10.11922/sciencedb.j00001.00232>
Sources of fundingNational Nature Science Foundation of China (41771421); The Exploration of Multidisciplinary Interdisciplinary Course Teaching Mode under the New Engineering Background of Nanjing Normal University Teaching Reform Project —— Taking Humanistic Social GIS as an Example; Top-notch Academic Programs Project of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (TAPP).
Dataset compositionDataset consists of three Excel data tables, which named mountain, poem, and poet. The famous mountain table includes number, type, social characteristic, name, province and so on; the poem table includes number, name, author, dynasty, creation time and so on; the poet table includes number, name, alias, birth time, death time and so on.
Article and author information
DU Xiaohan
LI Daiwei
ZHOU Sifan
BAI Tianyi
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