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Landsat-8 thermal anomalies products over China
: 2021 - 01 - 11
: 2021 - 01 - 12
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Landsat-8 thermal anomalies products is an important parameter that can reflect the impact of human activities on the earth. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, industry, ecology, global change and other fields. Satellite remote sensing technology provides an effective way to obtain large-scale thermal anomalies information. The short-wave infrared, mid-infrared and thermal infrared bands of Landsat-8 data has high spatial resolution and long-term data accumulation, which provides an ideal data source for thermal anomalies studies. Based on Landsat data and Normalized Burning Ratio Short-wave (NBRS) algorithm, long time series thermal anomalies product of China is produced, which can provide data product support for researches and applications in related fields.
Keywords: Thermal Anomalies; Landsat-8; NBRS; China
Article and author information
Caihong Ma
Jin Yang
Xinpeng Li
Yang He
Tianzhu Li
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