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A dataset of carbon and water flux observation over broad-leaved red pine forest in Changbai Mountain (2003–2010)
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: 2020 - 05 - 14
: 2021 - 01 - 13
: 2021 - 01 - 13
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Forest is the principal part of terrestrial ecosystem. It absorbs a large amount of CO2 and generates water and heat exchange during the growth process, which has a significant impact on the composition of atmosphere and regional climate. Eddy covariance flux observation technology based on the theory of the micro meteorological has realized the productivity of forest ecosystems, and greenhouse gas exchange of heat and water transfer process directly, such as its long-term observation data of the mechanism of the processes of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle and carbon source/sink and water use of time and space distribution research provides important data base. This dataset is the long-term flux observation data from 2003 to 2010 of the broad-leaved red pine forest in Changbai Mountain, one of the ChinaFLUX observation and research consortium (ChinaFLUX) stations. Based on the quality control system of ChinaFLUX standard, a standardized dataset of ecosystem carbon and water flux and key meteorological elements is formed. This dataset can provide important scientific knowledge and data basis for the analysis of carbon source and sink functions of temperate forest ecosystems in China and their responses to global changes.
Keywords: eddy covariance technique; flux observation; Changbai Mountain;  forest ecosystems; carbon cycle
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TitleA dataset of carbon and water flux observation over broad-leaved red pine forest in Changbai Mountain (2003–2010)
Data corresponding authorChen Zhi (; Zhang Leiming (
Data producersObserverFormer directorDirectorInstitute
Xu HaoGuan DexinWu JiabingInstitute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Time period2003–2010年
Geographical scope42.4025°N,128.0958°E
Data volume82.7 MB
Data format*.xlsx
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Sources of fundingNational KEY R & D Program (2017YFC0503801, 2016YFA0600104); Science and Technology Service Network Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (STS, KFJ-SW-STS-169); National Natural Science Foundation of China (31870625).
Dataset compositionThis dataset consists of the observation data of Changbai Mountain flux observation station from 2003 to 2010, which is divided into four data product tables: half hour, daily scale, monthly accumulation and annual accumulation. The half-hour dataset includes observation data before and after quality control. Each subset includes ecosystem CO2 flux, latent heat flux, sensible heat flux, air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, precipitation, total radiation and photosynthetically active radiation.
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Wu Jiabing
Dexin Guan
Wang Anzhi
Fenhui Yuan
Haoyu Diao
Yu Guirui
Zhang Leiming
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