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Remote sensing data based Ready To Use (RTU) products
: 2020 - 04 - 30
: 2020 - 05 - 29
: 2020 - 05 - 29
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Remote sensing data has the characteristics of big data, which has been used for different kind of applications,such as resources investigation, environment monitoring, natural disaster mitigation. However, its potential value has not yet been fully discovered. Data engineering technology can help intelligent analysis and information mining of remote sensing big data, in which RTU (Ready To Use) production is a very important part. RTU products are ready for application analysis, featuring with radiation normalization, geometry standardization and global gridding. Focusing on satellite remote sensing data, this paper gives the RTU definition, the production mix as well as the standard of the production. A CASEarth DataBank system ( is under constructing, which is an intelligent data service platform for providing not only the RTU products sharing, but also big earth data analysis methods.
Keywords: remote sensing data; RTU (Ready To Use) product; radiation normalization; geometry standardization; global gridding
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He Guojin
Jiao Weili
Zhang Zhaoming
Long Tengfei
Wang Guizhou
Peng Yan
Yin Ranyu
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