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A dataset of Nanjing's centennial figures
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: 2020 - 01 - 13
: 2020 - 01 - 15
: 2020 - 01 - 15
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Character dataset is an important basis for the study of historical figures in the information age. This dataset takes Nanjing Centennial City History, Volume of People as the main data source, including the information of 126 Nanjing and guest historical people with great influence in the fields of politics, education, science and technology, literature and art, which contains data items such as the common name, alias, birth and death time, birthplace, experience, and relationship with people. This dataset can provide data basis for the research of Nanjing historical figures information query and statistics, figure relationship visualization and analysis, figure life map, etc., and promote the in-depth mining and utilization of Nanjing history and culture.
Keywords: historical GIS; database of figures; spatio-temporal data; history and culture; Nanjing
Dataset Profile
TitleA dataset of Nanjing’s centennial figures
Data authorsGuo Chang, Hu Di, Du xiaohan, Li daiwei, Yang yichen
Data corresponding authorHu Di(
Time range1912–2012
Geographical scopeNanjing City, Jiangsu Province
Data volume126 rows, 126 documents
Data format*.xlsx,XML
Data service system<>
Sources of fundingNational Nature Science Foundation of China (41771421, 41601421); Top-notch Academic Programs Project of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (TAPP).
Dataset compositionThe dataset consists of the information data of 126 outstanding historical figures in Nanjing, including common name, alias, time of birth, place of birth, time of death, place of death, experience of figures, relationship of figures, etc. Documents in Excel format are for ordinary users, while documents in XML format are for professional users.
Article and author information
Guo Chang
Hu Di
Du xiaohan
Li daiwei
Yang yichen
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