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Collection of Data on Overseas Power Projects in the Belt and Road Initiative (2000–2019)
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: 2019 - 09 - 24
: 2019 - 10 - 08
: 2019 - 10 - 08
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Power shortages are faced by developing countries in the Belt and Road region. Since the Belt and Road initiative was put forward, Chinese companies have invested and built a large number of electrical power projects in countries and areas with power shortages in this region. Due to the large number and wide distribution of projects and continuous increases in the number of new power projects, a large amount of project information has been generated. Accordingly, it is urgent to collect and summarize One Belt and One Road overseas power project information. In this study, web crawler technology was used to obtain overseas power project information. A One Belt and One Road dataset of overseas power projects was formed by further supplementing and improving the project information using documents from ministries, embassies, counselors of the ministry of economy and commerce, local news reports in Chinese and English, and case studies and field studies conducted by scholars and non-governmental organizations. The dataset includes information on 376 power projects from 80 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania. Each project’s information includes the project number, project name, construction status, enterprise name, installed capacity, continent, country, project category, and bid information. The collection and improvement of this dataset will help with understanding the distribution of One Belt, One Road overseas power projects, as well as development trends in overseas power investment and construction in recent years. This can provide a basis for China’s power companies to “go global” and become “One Belt, One Road” overseas. It also provides a reference for power project development planning and government department decision-making.
Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative; power projects; dataset; web crawler technology
Dataset Profile
TitleCollection of Data on Overseas Power Projects in the Belt and Road Initiative (2000–2019)
Data corresponding authorWu Mingquan (
Data authorsJiang Yu,Wu Mingquan, Huang Changjun, Niu Zheng
Time range2000 – 2019
Geographical scopeLongitude & latitude; geographical scope (53°42′48″N – 31°22′12″N, 122°11′24″E – 67°30′36″W); specific areas include Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and Oceania, countries covered by geographic regions include: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Iran, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine, Buja New Guinea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Angola, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Congo, etc.
Data volume70KB
Data format*.xlsx
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Sources of fundingStrategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDA19030404); Youth Innovation Promotion Association CAS (2017089).
Dataset compositionThe dataset is an Excel spreadsheet. Each project information set included project number, project name, enterprise name, construction status, project category, installed capacity, country, continent, project category and bid-winning information.
Article and author information
Yu Jiang
Mingquan Wu
Changjun Huang
Zheng Niu
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