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Dataset of chlorophyll a concentration in Jiaozhou bay from 1997 to 2010
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: 2019 - 08 - 17
: 2019 - 09 - 26
: 2019 - 09 - 26
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Chlorophyll a is an important photosynthetic pigment in plant photosynthesis. Concentration of chlorophyll a in seawater is an important indicator of phytoplankton stocks, which can represent the carbon accumulation capacity of primary producers. The data of chlorophyll a concentration in seawater is always the basic data for the study of marine ecosystem research and important for the assessment of marine biological resources. The Jiaozhou bay is the model bay in the focus of marine ecological environment research in China. The phytoplankton structure of Jiaozhou bay is similar to that of the south yellow sea. The meteorological, physical, chemical, biological and other indicators in Jiaozhou bay have been monitoring for a long time by the Jiaozhou Bay National Marine Ecosystem Research Station, Shandong (the Jiaozhou Bay Station). The dataset is based on the long-term chlorophyll a observation data of 12 fixed station in the Jiaozhou bay from 1997 to 2010 by the Jiaozhou Bay Station. The original data of dataset adopts the Chinese Ecosystem Research Network of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CERN) standardized quality control system and data processing method. Data were removed which failed by 3sigma test combined with the time series comparison of adjacent sites. To meet the needs of different users, the dataset is processed after interpolation and long-time sequence diagrams are made for sharing service on line. The dataset can be used for scientific research on gulf ecological health assessment, long-term change of primary productivity, evolution of gulf ecosystem, remote sensing of water color, etc., and also provide data support for the government to set environmental quality limits effectively and prevention and control measures.
Keywords: Jiaozhou bay; chlorophyll a; 1997–2010; long-term monitoring
Dataset Profile
TitleDataset of chlorophyll a concentration in Jiaozhou bay from1997 to 2010
Data corresponding authorSun Xiaoxia (, Sun Song(
Data authorsZhao Yongfang, Zheng Shan, Sun Xiaoxia, Sun Song
Time range1997 – 2010
Geographical scopeThe Jiaozhou bay (120°04' – 120°23'E, 35°55' – 36°18'N) is located in the south of Shandong peninsula and the coast of the yellow sea, known as the "mother bay" of Qingdao. The area of Jiaozhou bay is about 370 km2, which 32 km wide from north to south, 28 km wide from east to west, and the average water depth is 7m. The coastline of Jiaozhou bay is more than 30 km2 long, with coastal wetland area of 37.4 km2 and a neritic zone area of nearly 58.0 km2.
Data volume956 entries,2.6 MB
Data format*.xlsx, *.zip
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Source(s) of fundingSupported by National Ecosystem Research Network of China, Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Ecosystem Research Network of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dataset/Database compositionThe dataset consists of 2 subsets in total. It comprises table data and image data. The subsets are recorded as "Dataset of chlorophyll a concentration in Jiaozhou bay from1997 to 2010.xlsx" and Image data sets of "Long-term time series diagram of chlorophyll a in Jiaozhou bay from 1997 to": (1) The data set is made up of three table, namely “surface chlorophyll a concentration of station”, “surface chlorophyll a concentration of bay subarea”, “surface chlorophyll a concentration of bay”; (2) Image data sets is made up of 30 vector images, which show long-term time series chlorophyll a concentration change.
Article and author information
Zhao Yongfang
Zheng Shan
Sun Xiaoxia
Sun Song
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