Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan Recent Submission Versions ZH1
Coastline data of Hainan Island during 1987 – 2017
: 2018 - 11 - 04
: 2018 - 11 - 08
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Six types of coastline interpretation markers and extraction rules were established based on a combination of the Landsat TM//OLI data of 40 scenes (with a full coverage of Hainan Island) for eight periods during 1987 – 2017 and field investigation data. The position and type of coastlines are obtained by visual interpretation and digital vectorization, assisted by ENVI5.2 and ArcGIS10.1 software. The results are then carefully verified and modified. The data sets can be used to analyze the temporal and spatial variation of the coastlines, or to study the characteristics of coastline exploitation and the evolution of land and sea pattern. It clearly reflects the characteristics of the coastal environmental changes of Hainan Island.
Keywords: Hainan Island; coastlines; position of coastlines; type of coastlines; ecological environment
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BI Jingpeng
Sui Yan
Wen Li
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