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A dataset of glacier surface elevation changes in Anyemaqen mountains, source region of Yellow River during 2000 – 2013
: 2018 - 06 - 30
: 2018 - 07 - 02
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Glacier surface elevation change (2000-2013) and Digital elevation Model (DEM) were obtained by bi-static satellite data TanDEM-X/TerraSAR-X differential interferometry with Shuttle Radar Topographical Mission Digital elevation Model (SRTM dem)in Ányêmaqên Mountains, source region of Yellow River . The pixel size of the TanDEM dem is 10 m in horizontal direction, and relative errors less than 2 m. The vertical errors of glacier surface elevation change is 3.7 m and pixel size is 30 m in horizontal direction. The unreliable region due to shadow and layover in RADAR image is masked out and removed. The data set can be a baseline for glacier elevation andvolume change, and glacier water resources appraising.
Keywords: Anyemaqen Mountains; TanDEM-X/TerraSAR-X; Digital elevation model; glacier surface elevation change
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Jiang Zongli
Shiyin Liu
Guo Wanqin
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