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Regional distribution and ecological adaptability of major forages in China
: 2017 - 12 - 06
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Forage adaptability and regional distribution in China is understudied. Since Hong Fuceng’s edited collection Regional Mapping of Perennial Grasses in China published in later 1980s, only a few articles have explored the ecological adaptability of forages. In recent years, the forage industry developed rapidly with the increasing demand for meat. Supported by computer information technology, geographic information technology and database technology, we established a complete system for evaluating forage suitability by using C/S model. Based on the spatial data of natural elements such as temperature, moisture, and soil, we used the GIS statistical analysis method, and comprehensively considered the biological characteristics of forage grass, the actual grass production, as well as other factors to obtain the adaptability/distribution maps of different forages that are theoretically sound and with accurate simulation results. The dataset clarifies the distribution of major ecologically adaptable forages in China, covering 34 species (genera) of perennial forage grasses and 10 species of annual or biennial forage grasses. The outcomes, to a certain extent, make up the technical deficiency concerning the cultivation and introduction of perennial forage grasses in China, guiding forage planting in different regions.
Keywords:  Forage; Adaptability; Regionalization
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Xu Lijun
Xin Xiaoping
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